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An essay on thumbsuckers

To understand the strategy, and to see who is winning, and who is losing, you need to know the Plan. Contrary to what conspiracy theorists are claiming, the Plan rarely is a well kept secret. On the contrary. It usually is widely heralded years in advance by some ambitious fellow, working hard to gain traction within society to make it happen. 


Hitler explained his Plan for Germany in colourful detail in 'Mein Kampf'. He was seeking to create 'Lebensraum', breathing space, for the superior German race, and he envisioned expanding the country in Easterly direction, expecting hardly any contest from the dumb witted Slavs who were truly struggling to stay afloat in the communist Soviet Union, organised by the 'Eternal Jew', as he saw it, since the leading figures within the communist ideology were Jews, who also controlled 'banking', and he regarded the merger of the two as a 'rent-seeking' threat to the hard working Germanic people. 


The Brits concurred about the Slavs being inferior, and they regarded communism as a serious threat, so they worked with the Germans in the years leading up to the Second World War, but the 'distasteful' antisemitism was not the 'Leading Light' in their own pitch dark Plan, and they actually loved their 'bankers', Jewish or not, who lent money to the Germans, which could then serve as a mercenary army to exhaust Germany as well as the Soviet Union, after which the Brits would scoop up the remains and expand their Imperial grip on the world in accordance with the visions of Mackinder et al. China had already been wrecked previously in the 'Opium Wars', so what could go wrong? 


What went wrong, was that the Plans Hitler made, and the Plan the Brits used as their blueprint left room for serious misunderstandings. And when Hitler struck a deal with Stalin, the Brits feared repercussions if Hitler and Stalin would turn around, and hit their Imperium instead. So, belatedly, and reluctantly, and totally unprepared for war, they declared war on Germany for invading the dictatorship of Poland, together with the Soviets from the East, dividing the country, a product of the First World War, between them. And we know how it all ended, although few people are aware of an active Plan the Brits developed to conquer the Soviet Union after Germany had been defeated. It didn't happen, because Roosevelt struck it with a veto, and without the US the exhausted Brits wouldn't stand a chance, despite the enormous losses of the Soviet Union during the war. 


Now, fast forward to today. The desire to expand NATO and the EU in Easterly direction, without offering the Russians the status of 'partner', let alone allow them to become part of the Unipolar Globalist endeavour, instead seeking inroads to destroy Russia as a country, is the Plan. It has not been kept secret, even though both organisations never embraced it as public policy. But all the leading 'Think Tanks' shaping policy for NATO and the EU, after it 'matured' to be the dominant force in Europe, outgrowing its original domain as an organisation meant to improve trade and development at an organic level, subject to the will of the people in individual countries, were working feverishly towards unlimited expansion. This Plan was not hidden, or secret, though it shape-shifted frequently to please the audience addressed. It was sold as a Plan to contain Evil Russia one day, to Liberate the Oppressed People longing to be debt-slaves just like us, or as a Necessary Step to save the Planet from being polluted by burning gas and oil. 


This general Plan was no secret, but because it had to serve many followers who were not on the same page at all, the strategy had to be complex and acceptable in its consequences to the herd, resulting in a totally schizoid reality, which was bound to fail if the people understood that they were actually destroying their own wealth to serve the ambitions of a rather unhealthy lot with no qualms about selling their closest friends and family to the highest bidder in order to obtain more power, serving this Plan of a Unipolar world. 


When Ukraine started shelling the Donbas on February 17 in preparation of a prepared offensive, NATO itself had prepared the ground to make a Russian response look like an aggressive act by Russia towards their peace loving, rainbow-coloured neighbour who was minding its own business. On the 22nd Russia acknowledged the right of Luhansk and Donetsk to choose their own destiny, since the illegitimate coup of 2014 erased the prospect of democratic rule in the country, and on the 24th they began their 'Special Military Operation' to assist those two republics in their quest to avoid being swallowed alive by NATO and the EU Hegemon, through their vassals in Kiev, who showed no sign of honouring their signature under the 'Minsk Accord', and who already openly admitted it had used the time provided by those 'Accords' to beef up their military in order to conquer and subdue the area lost to 'rebels' in 2014. 


The Russian Plan had been prepared in advance as well, and was no secret either. The country abandoned the general idea of Globalism as advocated by 'Financial Capitalists' in the western hemisphere, and sought friends to revive the concept of a 'Multipolar' world structured in line with 'Industrial Capitalist' principles, while preparing for the inevitable war with the 'Lying Bitches' leading NATO and the EU. As I explained, in my view, the Russians had absolutely no ambition whatsoever to conquer all of Ukraine, but they are willing and able to defend Russia, which will soon include the areas of the Donbas, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia they currently occupy, if the population votes in favour of joining the Russian Federation, which I have no doubt will be the outcome of the current referenda. Because most of the people in these areas who saw the Russians as their mortal enemies already left to join the Ukrainian forces, or find a cosy place in another country within the EU, England or the US and Canada. 


NATO and the EU are now drawn into the war itself, which was not their Plan, like the Brits never wanted to enter the war which developed into the Second World War, but found themselves trapped with no good options left. Though they shouldn't have worried, because Hitler never gave up on his Plan to conquer Russia, but he needed time to build the army he needed. Now, looking at the present situation in Ukraine, it is clear that the current offensive by Ukraine is driven by Zelensky's ambitions to show results, while his generals told him to wait. The result is devastating, and Zelensky may claim that Ukrainian losses are around fifty dead soldier per day, while the Russian losses are five times as high, but no serious observer thinks that this is the correct picture. The New York Times had an article which was based on accounts of soldiers fighting on the Kherson front, claiming 'massive' losses for the Ukrainians, and one soldier told a reporter that his unit lost fifty soldiers in two hours. Moreover, Russia is regularly targeting military bases far from the front itself, and few Ukrainians killed were wounded by bullets. They were hit by shells, drones, bombs and rockets, or stepped on a mine, which signals that the losses on the Russian side are probably a lot less, if man-to-man combat is rare.


The people in Sweden and Italy who had a chance to vote picked politicians who are no fans of this Unipolar world, but in Italy around thirty five percent of the voters didn't even bother to vote. Claiming this 'silent' group is the rage in many 'Democracies' when our true, non-elected leaders, want to claim that the elected politicians do not represent the people. Now I don't want to compete with them, but I've got this very strong feeling that the majority within this passive minority detest 'politics', as well as the non-elected leaders, for all the right reasons. They do not want to throw their vote at obnoxious extreme right wing parties, but they feel rightfully abandoned by the left and center which has been bought, and paid for, to support this Plan developed by NATO, since they were fed carefully prepared stories to serve them, about 'defending', 'liberating', 'saving', while the Plan is calling for mindless and highly immoral expansion, leaving the supporters sucking their thumb after the smoke clears.

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