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An essay on the enterprise of war and red lines

Since I, kind of, ‘complained’ about a sudden drop in ‘traffic’ to this blog, with an elaborate explanation drawing your attention to what it might ‘mean’, I owe you an update. Because, as sudden as the ‘traffic’ fell, it just peaked to new record highs in the same short span of time. …

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An essay on the rainbow coalition

NATO does not act as a unity, and it is next to impossible to understand what they are after, and how they want to achieve their goals if you listen to them talk in interviews and public statements. It is a hodgepodge of opinions, and attempts to ‘spin’ inconvenient facts for their own voters. It …

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An essay on a stairway to heaven

In a previous contribution I drew your attention to a sudden, sharp drop in the amount of ‘traffic’ this website generates. You won’t see that very often, because most ‘bloggers’ either depend on the commercial aspect of their effort, or aim for the biggest possible ‘reach’ to influence …

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An essay about the role of the Rand Corporation

Already in July last year, the Americans approved the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 and F-15 fighter jets. It is highly likely that some are already qualified, and only need the aircraft to be delivered to Ukraine. Although there is still this ‘minor detail’ of finding suitable airfields an…

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An essay about being unable to warn people

You cannot say that without repercussions. You cannot say to a person in charge of our NATO-supervised world that they cannot invade a country, or support Al Qaeda, or ISIS-affiliated groups to topple the government, because you will only encourage them. In your own perception there will be this mom…

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An essay about watching your six

A sudden, steep drop in the number of visitors to this website last week suggests that I annoyed the ‘algorithms’ of search-engines and social media platforms. Gradual changes are more common, and may be associated with something I said, people losing interest, or the holiday season. Sharp drops h…

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An essay on overtures

David Ignatius, ‘well connected’ writer of propaganda pieces who publishes in the ‘Washington Post’, exposed an American proposition for a settlement in Ukraine. The American foreign secretary Blinken was his source, and other sources suggest that ‘Moscow’ is looking into it. This attempt …

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An essay in support of the thumbs-down emoticon

Traveling to other countries has been my life-long passion. But my limited language skills reduced my ability to communicate effectively with people in those countries. These days ‘Google Translate’, or some sort of program like that is making life easier. To read articles written in a foreign lan…

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An essay about starting to dig

You’re not losing interest, are you? Because that is how this works. They make you pick a favorite, and then they change the rules. Leaving you cheering for your champion, and by the time you wake up from your stupor, you discover you actually picked the wrong side altogether. A little late for ‘…

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An essay on recent developments

After the fact you can ‘spin’ what happened to fit your own narrative, unless those facts are way out in ‘left field’. It is unlikely that people who invested heavily in ‘Ukraine is Winning’ are frequent visitors of this blog, unless they are truly ‘hostile’, feeling I should be on the…

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