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Keeping up appearances

The Russians lost a Beriev A-50 'early warning' airplane over the Sea of Azov. While there have been claims that they lost one not too long ago, that was not confirmed at the time, but this time video-confirmation of the burning wreckage, and an aircraft dispensing flares in flight before it was hit…

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Take us out of this Cuckoo's Nest

Right after the entire world reached the conclusion that NATO's 'Spring Offensive', using Ukrainian soldiers, was an abysmal failure, your 'trusted mainstream analysts' rushed to the camera's and their 'embedded' publications to tell the people 'back home' that we had a 'frozen conflict' on our hand…

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The Boy-Scouts take the lead

Champagne! The participants of this year's Munich Security Conference were celebrating. Billions were collected from participants to keep the war with Russia going. Moreover, countries emptied their warehouses containing the last bits and pieces of 'stuff' and corresponding ammo to prop up Ukraine.

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Beam me up, Scotty

Yesterday Kiev gave up the 'Avdeevka Strong-Hold', the fortress-city that was built with the help of NATO after the 2014 defeat of their army, facing the 'rebel-held' city of Donetsk. That city is now part of Russia after a referendum which has not been 'recognised', but no referendum ever is these …

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Will Europe grow a pair?

So now what? The US Congres is blocking further support for Ukraine, unloading the entire package on Europe, which is not united, although it did manage to force through a fifty billion aid package spread out over four years. Reportedly not enough for Ukraine to survive another year. 



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Did Trump just save Europe from itself

The 'Warmongers' had a field-day when Trump reconfirmed that he feels strongly that NATO-countries need to contribute their fair share in order to receive NATO protection. Nothing new, really, because he came out publicly with the same general idea when he was president. This time he 'framed' it as …

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Don't tell me this shit show is for real

What can we expect from this new general Syrskyi who is commanding the troops of Ukraine, after the dismissal of Zalushny and his staff? Apparently he has promised Zelensky to prevent the collapse of Avdieevka, while most 'mappers', including seriously pro-Ukrainian 'mappers', concur that the former…

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Who can you trust to do the right thing

Entirely predictable responses to the Tucker Carlson interview along 'established party lines', and people already in a deep hole took it upon themselves to increase their efforts to dig even deeper. The Dutch minister of War responded by telling the state media that there was simply no limit to wha…

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The Carlson interview

If you didn't see the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin, I recommend you do that over the weekend. From a western point of view it was an unorthodox, lengthy talk lasting two hours, with Putin doing most of the talking, while it was clearly not scripted in any sense. Right at the start, Putin want…

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Nuland calling the shots

Victoria Nuland flew to Kiev to talk to her ‘boys’, who ended up fighting among themselves after all the 2023 failures, as Zelensky intended to sack Zalushny, and replace him by Budanov as over all commander of the military. Zalushny, apparently with political backing from Porochenko and Klitschko…

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