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This show has gone on long enough!

Take another look at the ‘Safety on Board Card and plan your exit. By the looks of it NATO is determined to self-destruct. After a disastrous debate with Trump, several commentators reached the conclusion that our Supreme Leader had to perform at the NATO-Summit, or he would be toast. Addressin…

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The courage of independent souls

In any war, or war-like situation, the opponent, the villain, is not the most important threat. The warriors on both sides consider the skeptic, the individual with doubts, the ‘agnostic’ person, to be far more dangerous. Invariably the war-minded people will do their utmost to relegate these doub…

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At some point it doesn't matter anymore

People with doubts cause friction. Without friction, no brakes. You are ill advised to accept a ride in a car with a powerful engine, and an overexcited driver, but no brakes, unless you have a death-wish. Yesterday a barrage of Russian missiles hit Kiev. One missile hit a hospital for children, whi…

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Controlling the political process in no longer sufficient

The brand new ‘Extreme Right’ government in Holland lost no time to call Zelensky, and send two ministers to visit Odessa to underscore their unwavering support for more war with Russia. In the UK ‘Labour’ won, and made it clear that they won’t back off from war with Russia. In France a hodgep…

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The Orbán peace initiative

Upon receiving the ‘rotating presidency’ of the ‘Council of Europe’, Viktor Orbán traveled to Kiev to talk to Zelensky. His next stop was Moscow, to talk to Putin. His aim is to broker a deal, using diplomacy shunned by the EU, which is firmly behind the original plan to overextend and unbal…

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Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness go a long way to cement a lasting friendship. Though I was born after the Second World War, the memory of being liberated by the ‘western’ allies was still very much alive. And I admired those young men, and women, who fought the Germans, and their European allies, Austria,…

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Through the lens of an observer

To be an ‘observer’ in a polarized world is a very unrewarding position. Whatever you say, and irrespective of how you say it, you will be ‘shot’ by this side or that. Right after they decided they do not have to listen to you, because it is all a bunch of lies. ‘Observers’ are divided bet…

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Plan A, B and C

On ‘X’ someone posted a message which read that an F-16 flew its first sortie over Ukraine, adding however that it still had to be confirmed. A ‘YouTube’-channel called the ‘Military Show’ produced a video which proclaimed that the F-16 would be a ‘Game Changer’. Others are not so sure…

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This madness has got to stop!

As we transition from a peace-time arrangement to a war-time structure, everything changes almost overnight. Friends become adversaries, and adversaries become allies. Some time ago I wrote an analysis of what happened around WW II, which hinged on historical facts to illustrate what went down. How …

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What a nightmare!

A ‘shocker’ for many ordinary citizens who had been cut-off from reality by the ‘aligned’ media. The ‘debate’ between Trump and Biden, aired by CNN. Save for Jill Biden, Kamala Harris and the ‘Democrats’ on the campaign trail, and their most fanatical supporters abroad, everybody saw t…

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