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An essay about the possibility of a 'Manchurian' team

By now I'm tempted to accept the possibility that NATO is doing it on purpose. That they are into the business of proving to the world what a useless lot they are. Jens Stoltenberg actually said, during a press conference, that the Russians went to war because NATO kept expanding, inching closer to …

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An essay on how we got here

In our part of the world, rampant fraud is the name of the game. Moral and financial fraud are everywhere. People lie, even if they stand to lose 'Big Time' when others believe them. Why? What caused this shift? At what moment in time did we begin to approach our everyday life as a freak 'Poker Game

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An essay about some very dumb witted Canadians

You cannot make this up. The speaker of the Canadian parliament brought an actual surviving Nazi from a volunteer group, who fought against the Russians, on the side of Hitler, into the House, and turned him into a hero. That is bad enough, I'd say. But not a single delegate objected. Instead they A…

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An essay about being our own worst enemy

We have met the enemy, and he is us. Twentieth Century Schizoid Man. The first observation 'went viral' because of a Pogo-cartoon, and it was the band King Crimson which sang about our schizoid brethren at the end of the 'Sixties'. Life is full of threats and opportunities. Every now and then we com…

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An essay on hedging bets

Poland cuts Ukraine off. It is not entirely clear why. Formally this is because of 'cheap grain' from Ukraine is spoiling the market, but that doesn't make sense. Ukraine can't force Poland to accept 'cheap grain'. Only the EU can. And it won't. Not any longer, because 'Brussels' got the message tha…

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An essay about trouble brewing

The Dutch state-broadcaster 'NOS' had this item about Ukrainian women sheltering in Holland who are 'furious' because numerous countrymen refuse to fight, holding the women company in Holland and elsewhere in Europe. Around ten million Ukrainian citizens left the country for Europe after war broke o…

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An essay about things going wrong

While I was away, enjoying a week in Scandinavia with pretty decent weather, forces armed exclusively by NATO kept trying to reach the 'Surovikin-Line', with little or no gain, and huge losses. The 'Retired NATO Generals' plugging this war on behalf of 'Vested Interests' in various 'Talk Shows', 'Ne…

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An essay about cutting the crap

Cut the crap. Recently the 'Southfront'-website was made inaccessible by American and European 'Law Enforcement' according to claims in a 'YouTube' video I came across. The reason, apparently, is 'spreading misinformation'. The claim that 'Law Enforcement' was behind it might be true, or not at all,…

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An essay about the immediate threats

Even if you tell people like our 'seniors' Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell the 'cold hard facts' about the war in Ukraine, they wouldn't be able to comprehend what it might possibly mean. These people were, somehow, elected, or so they say. By whom? What did the people who voted for them expect? What …

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An essay about refusing to do our laundry for us

The German publication ‘Bild’ had this story about Scholz calling Macron, after both spoke to Putin, because Putin never mentioned the sanctions to Scholz. As it turned out, he didn’t bring them up in his talk with Macron either. The only thing Putin was interested in, was bringing this tragedy in…

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