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An essay on ending the war in Ukraine

Before I continue with offering you my take on developments in Ukraine, I need to share with you that this rumoured attack on a bunker near Lviv, killing, amongst others, around forty NATO officers, never took place, according to Alexander Mercouris, who pointed his followers in that direction previously, be it with reservations. I do appreciate that level of integrity in reporting, and it is a real shame that some obscure people are using his content and name in scams on various media platforms. I wholeheartedly support his call for help from the general public to identify such ‘products’, and report them. 


Meanwhile an increasing number of Western publications are reporting that Ukraine is having serious difficulties to live up to NATO’s expectations. Various sources in Ukraine itself cast doubt about the ability of the military to launch a 'Spring Offensive'. And the previously announced de-blockade of Bakhmut is in doubt because of adverse weather conditions, but Ukraine is running the risk of exposing these fresh forces to an even larger cauldron according to some commentators. 


The situation elsewhere along the front is not much better. Which clears the path for a Chinese initiative to find a solution. The Chinese are on a roll after brokering a deal between Iran and the Saudi’s, and whispers of a larger Middle East deal to end the war in Syria. As things stand, it would appear to be wishful thinking to cut a deal between Zelensky and Putin, since both are saying there are no openings, but hear me out. For Russia the prospect of having to rule over all of Ukraine is causing them a bout of major migraine. They were never after removing Zelensky from power, and they understand that no president in Kiev will be their friend. But they won’t return any of the territory gained. 


The problem for Zelensky is that he is out of options. NATO is not capable of providing the weapons and ammunition he and his generals are asking for. And since NATO doesn’t give a hoot about him, or his country, since it was all about ‘Regime Change’ in Russia, and that clearly failed, they are looking for a new strategy, using Poland as the next ‘Proxy Warrior’, after giving that country the green light to take over Ukraine. Or so it seems to me. If that is a correct reading of what is going on behind the scenes in ‘Brussels’, at the NATO and the EU headquarters, Zelensky needs new friends, fast! Unless he is okay with a sell-out to Poland, and retirement with the money he made. 


The ‘Collective West’ has a long standing reputation of stabbing ‘friends’ in the back. So, if Zelensky would switch sides by surprise before they get rid of him, and expose who actually did the planning for this war, and that it had been part of a larger plan to ‘Regime Change’ Russia, he might save what is left of his reputation and country. Still, he will have plenty of explaining to do to sooth the feelings of the population. The Chinese and the Russians will not hesitate to offer Zelensky security guarantees, and a spot at the ‘BRI’ table, creating inroads into Southern Europe for the trade alliance. Remember that Erdogan’s Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet which was strafing ISIS, and Turkey even claimed to be concerned about the Tatar population on the Crimean peninsula in the past, supplying Ukraine with drones, yet today the countries are almost allies. 


The secret of this Chinese/Russian success in diplomatic matters, is that they do not impose themselves on other countries. And they do not lie and cheat. They won’t demand Gay Pride festivities, nor do they insist that countries who are into that sort of thing need to come to their senses. Cultural diversity doesn’t make them feel uneasy. What does make them feel uneasy, is that certain ‘Rules Based’ countries feel the need to convert the entire world to come and see it their way, or else….


In a diplomatic sense this is a sure winner. A breath of fresh air. Even though the consequence is that we’ll have to accept that certain cultures are ‘strange’. Our decadence and lawlessness, with wide open borders, handing the power to set the rules, changing on a daily basis, to ‘influencers’, and madmen promoting wars about everything at all times, has run its course by the looks of it.

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