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An essay about taking the gravel road

All of a sudden the whole shithouse is caving in. An avalanche of falsehoods surrounds us. I can't get the image of this 1971 Sam Peckinpah thriller 'Straw Dogs' out of my head, where the title refers to a discussion in the Tao Te Ching that likens people to the ancient Chinese ceremonial straw dog, being of ceremonial worth, but afterwards discarded with indifference. James Howard Kunstler sees the very same thing, but is reminded of a Dylan song and the movie 'Poltergeist'. Dr. Naomi Wolf feels the urgent need to apologise to 'conservatives' because she was led astray by 'misinforming' authorities she thought she could trust. And the former head of the CDC comes clean about Fauci and his entourage 'sidelining' him over his objections to where the Covid virus originated.


On this latter matter a large number of people are now converging on the 'Lab Leak' story, but I put my money on Ron Unz' version where he claimed, almost from the very beginning, that it was most likely a bioweapon used by 'Eco Health' associated 'military types', invested with public money, and that of 'WEF'-connected billionaires, in 'Gain-of-Function' research for this particular purpose, as they deliberately released this 'agent' in Wuhan as a 'fall back' position should their 'natural causes' story collapse, and in Qom, Iran, targeting the leadership of that adversary of the US and Israel. 


Already I provided an avalanche of 'useful links' above which are bound to keep you occupied for hours, if not days if you do your own research to establish what is most likely true, and what is debatable, or most likely misinformation. I was selected and trained for situations like this, and taught to list the various failures and adverse conditions based on the 'threat level' before taking action. Which threat is sure to kill you? Tackle that threat first, saving the rest for later. Is there any kind of pattern in all of these threats? Does this pattern point to one overriding source? Eliminate this source. Now, clearly, I'm in no position to act in such a way that I am able to deflect the threats, and neither are you. Evil has hit the pavement running, but as in the 'Straw Dogs' thriller, you won't know from which side it will attack next, and we're surrounded by 'friendlies' which we don't want to harm while defending ourselves. People with 'Good Intentions', which may act in unpredictable ways and open the door to let Evil in, thinking it is a 'friendly', or to end it quickly out of desperation. 


I'm not trolling you, or trying to confuse you. This is a hazardous situation we are in! Confusion is everywhere, and I maintain it was introduced deliberately by cynical people sowing discord where unity is of utmost importance, while proposing unity where this is meaningless in order to distract us. I'm not sure they understood what the consequences would be. Some probably did, as they felt that their 'divide and conquer' schemes would open a pathway to the top of the pyramid of power. Others tagged along out of curiosity, a misplaced sense of adventure, or a childish lack of responsibility, accustomed to being protected by 'childproof' padded walls in their parents house, 'airbags', and various safety features required by law. 


If you venture to deliberately destroy the economical base of any society in order to 'Save the Climate', you are stark raving mad and dangerous. Not just for others. There is nothing wrong with healthy stewardship to limit our use of natural resources, and prevent polluting our habitat, while planning for expeditions to other planets and throwing our weight behind finding smart and affordable alternatives to wasteful practices. Instead of 'investing' in war, destroying infrastructure, and cheating on our fellow men. In my own country the government is urging farmers to stop producing food, and return their farmland to the 'natural habitat' of the wolf, while blocking the building of houses, as they flood the zone with immigrants. At the same time they are killing all industrial activity, except weapons production, either to 'Save the Planet', or to harass and fight China and Russia. So where are we going to live? What are we going to eat? Do they honestly propose that we will survive as 'actors' or 'artists' performing some Punk Concert in an Orthodox church to annoy the Christians, like this infamous 'Pussy Riot' did in Russia a few years ago, paid for by Western taxpayers through various 'cut-outs' and scams? Or 'entertaining' the people by copulating in public at the entrance of a museum, visited by families, which was another bright idea by this similar group, seeking the removal of Putin and paving the way for a return to 'Financial Capitalist' practices, which sacked the country in the nineties? 


Is it really unbelievable that the bulk of the Russians said: 'No, thank you!', and turned their back on this 'WEF'-designed madhouse? For days now, their is this 'Google-push' article which Google urges me to read, about an 'artist' who created a stretch of water, right next to the curb, with no fence, which looks like gravel. People step on it, and get soaking wet as they plunge into a waist deep, ice cold canal. The 'artist' is apparently angry that people who were fooled are not amused. No doubt a vast amount of subsidy went into it, leaving the 'Artist' with enough money to live in comfort, while 'explaining' her 'thinking' about the importance of 'art' for our collective well being in some mysterious way. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if she won't mind if we bomb the bejesus out of the Russians, since they are 'Untermenschen' who don't get it, and who are stuck with Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Gogh, Brâncuși, Giacometti, and a wide range of real Russian artists, in beautiful museums most people never heard of. 


We're led astray 24/7 by truckloads of 'news' branded as being truly important, since we urgently need to find consensus on everything 'gender', the proper use of 'pronounces', and sexual preferences, while we dig deep into the past to 'reveal' inappropriate behaviour of various men occupying well paid positions in the public limelight which are blocking the advance of women. So you end up with some silly Rachel Maddow 'lookalike', spouting nonsense 24/7, while looking like she actually believes it, attacking real investigative journalists like Matt Taibi, or Julian Assange, and after a few years you discover the gravel is actually water, and you are about to drown. 


The pattern I'm seeing, is that it is all fake, where we need to be able to rely on what is true. It is not just one lie. Our entire world has been erected on lies. From 'Fiat Currency' to all the 'Trust Us, We're the Government' messaging, the power of NATO, and the incorruptible Western democracies, with elected officials working tirelessly for the people, creating wealth and welfare. But there is no single decision, not a single person, or organisation behind this morally corrupt system we allowed to grow. At various stages we all participated, or took advantage. If you tell a factory worker that he will lose his job to China, but that the good news is that he will be provided with a laptop, and while 'working' from home he can become rich in the 'Financial Capitalist Casino', courtesy the 'Central Bank', which is printing money as if there is no tomorrow, what do you expect him to do? If a young lady, insecure of 'everything', is goaded into this fake 'Lifestyle' world offered by 'Tik-Tok' and a wide range of other 'social media platforms', and she notices that telling the truth on her own 'channel' is not required at all to become a well paid 'Influencer', what do you expect will happen? 


We're past 'tweaking' or 'dialling down' to regain our balance. I maintain that the biggest threat now is this stupid war in Ukraine. I'm honestly at a loss how people, who were born and raised to believe in the sovereign right of the people to decide the faith of their country, came to embrace the Victoria Nulands and this entire unproductive circus of vultures to do our bidding. These power-hungry, unreliable, cheating people urging us to try the gravel road.

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