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An essay on what is needed to get us out of this mess

The two volume book ‘One Nation Under Blackmail’ is indispensable for anyone who wants to know what brought us here. Those who feel safe and secure will learn that they are being taken for a ride, while those looking for an ‘elite’ cluster ruling over us will discover that such a conspiracy doesn’t exist. What does exist, is a collective of bunglers who are spoiling our lives, mostly ‘just because’. They are immoral, pathological liars and cheaters who will kill their dear mother if the need arises. Some may live by a ‘code’ of their own, but merely to protect themselves, and guard against falling victim to other ‘Animals of Prey’ in our midst. 


The book lists names, dates, places of serious ‘players’ as well as fools who were ‘played’. No loyalty. Money, power, weapons and secrets rule their world. Saudi weapons dealer working for the Mossad. Jewish mob-boss earning ‘Big Bugs’ providing Muslim terrorists with everything they need. Secrets are being collected to blackmail people into submission. In the distant past such secrets would be something like a homosexual preference, but that ship has sailed. Drugs? Who gives a damn. Pedosexuality, trading in human organs, funding biolabs to develop the next pandemic retained some of their value, but even that is becoming boring. 


Our entire Western society lost its bearings. And we are promoting these ‘values’ as an export product. Worse, you’d better buy it, or we’ll ‘Regime Change’ the country until you do! Or declare war. ‘Democrat’, ‘Republican’, ‘Independent’, it really doesn’t matter. Some lonely individuals in the background are calling out their political foes, while doing their utmost to avoid dragging their ‘friends’ through the mud. Rare exceptions serve merely to provide this corps of a civil society with an extended lease on life. The situation in Europe is different from one country to the other, but effectively it is very much the same story. 


None of this is meant to set the stage for a revolution, or calling out people without even the faintest proof in order to ‘cancel’ them. But weird things are afoot. And we need to get to the bottom of it, before it is too late. It maybe necessary to take accusations from our sworn enemies serious, to avoid a ‘Holocaust’-replay, where everybody and his dog were ‘in denial’ till after the war. Especially if the accusations ring a bell, with the affairs surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman, not to mention the corruption charges surrounding the son of the acting president. What we need is no revolution, but some old fashioned honesty, and rejecting the lies of bought and paid for ‘experts’, and the practice of papering over facts which do not align with the official narrative. Something is rotten in the State of Denmark, and in the rest of the ‘Collective West’, and we need to set the record straight, before it kills us all. The ‘Reset’ we need is not more of this, or activation of the final stages of the ‘WEF’-agenda to show the world how it is done. We can’t afford to let these predators drag us into their cave. Don’t sit back and relax, telling yourself that these predators work for us. We need to reset our moral compass. Yesterday!

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