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An essay on Russia's partial mobilisation

The day before yesterday, NATO shelled a market in Donetsk, killing sixteen civilians, among which were two children. Same pattern last week where NATO-forces shelled a public square in Kherson. Multiple terrorist attacks, aimed at civilians and civil servants in the Donbas-region, and Russia itself, underscore the desire within NATO to escalate. And with a partial mobilisation announced by Putin Russia is responding to that threat.


To name NATO as the 'brain' behind this conflict is not in accordance with what our own western media are telling us, obviously. Multiple serious observers highlighted all the choices made by NATO to bring about this conflict with Russia, as well as the fraudulent 'logic' behind it. I readily admit though that NATO is not united. It is the hallmark of that organisation that it is openly dysfunctional. Which is why the term 'Empire of Chaos' is appropriate. At 'another level' NATO-family members wreck other family members at every opportunity. Hungary and Turkey are family members, but close to going to war with the EU on various 'issues', while Poland just laid a huge claim on their 'German friends' for 'reparations' harking back to World War Two, after many years of sucking the EU dry, with the money for the EU being generated by German industry, which is now in the process of being killed by the collective of Germany's friends within NATO, and their predominantly 'Green' cheerleaders. 


Lunatics running the asylum.


NATO-sponsored talking heads are claiming that this partial Russian mobilisation is a sign of weakness, and the admission by Russia that they are losing the war. I do not concur. This step came after the meeting in Samarkand, where Putin spoke with other members of the SCO, China, India and Iran mainly, and after Russia vacated the larger part of the Kharkov Oblast, to straighten the front-line. That particular move generated plenty of anxiety in the Donbas, culminating in formal requests from the legislative bodies in the Donbas republics, Kherson and parts of Zaporizja occupied by Russia, to hold a referendum on the question of whether they want to join the Russian Federation, or become independent. NATO-countries are calling these referenda 'fake', because they fear the outcome, and not because they are not real, with a predetermined outcome. 


NATO is not popular in these areas, and that is an understatement. Shelling markets and public squares is not going to help to improve the outlook for NATO. But NATO gave up on winning the peace in countries they invaded a long time ago, focussing instead on bringing chaos and confusion. Divide, and conquer. Receiving support from NATO doesn't mean a thing, as their signature or word-of-honour are of no consequence. Tomorrow you may be the enemy. In Ukraine the stories told about 'filtration' of civilians in the Kharkov region which were recaptured by NATO is fuelling the desire in those areas under Russian control to no longer postpone these referenda till the SMO is completed, since NATO won't allow it to be completed anyway. The aim of the legislative bodies demanding referenda now, and organising them on short term notice, is to be able to declare that part of Ukraine now under Russian control to be part of Russia, as decided by the people themselves, which would change the face of the conflict to reflect the present reality of a war between NATO and Russia.


NATO (Ukrainian) forces are already active in Russia itself immediately across the border with the Kharkov district, and partial mobilisation will enable Russia to be far more flexible along the border, and improve the protection of these areas. Putin, at Samarkand, told journalists that terrorists had already tried to target Russian nuclear power plants inside Russia, apart from the continued attempts to destroy the nuclear power plant at Zaporizja which is still held by Russian forces. Since Russia is increasingly referring to this conflict as a conflict between NATO and Russia, we in Europe, and in other NATO-countries, including the US, will have to be prepared to be hit by similar strikes NATO is executing on Russian territory, and 'unexplained' explosions destroying critical infrastructure will be more common as NATO adds fuel to the fire. Although, in such cases, it could be NATO's 'Green-partners' too who are taking the 'Green Agenda' as something to be taken seriously. Or a simple accident.


The heavy use of 'psyops' and creating excuses to target critical minds by associating them with 'far right' groups set up by NATO's own 'security services' for that particular purpose, is not going to make life more pleasant as we transition to our 'Green Dreamworld', guarded by NATO which is destroying every hope of saving the planet. A flurry of politicians and talking heads are coming out of the woodwork to declare that peace is inconceivable if Russia continues to exist as a sovereign country. In Russia they've got the message, but I'm afraid that we, the people in the NATO-countries, are not aware of what we are about to unleash.

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