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An essay on friends in high places

Friends in high places are the only ones Biden has left. The downtrodden, the pariahs, the deplorables, and the ‘isolated’ presidents of Russia and China, do not even want to meet him anymore. After Biden was ignored by the Arab leaders on his trip to Israel, he, or his people, asked the EU to help him out, and the EU sent von der Leyen and Michel, who met with Biden separately. Why not together? Alex Christoforou speculated that the two unelected European bureaucrats were having their ‘differences’ with regard to the situation in the world today. Which is plausible, even though von der Leyen came out as a staunch supporter of Israel, while the toothless ‘Parliament’, headed by Michel, adopted a resolution which says that Hamas has to be destroyed forthwith. Both are on the same page as far as Ukraine is concerned, as far as I can see. But it is possible that Michel and von der Leyen cannot see eye to eye on the subject of war with China, also in the works, if we take Biden’s words in his address to the nation seriously. Or maybe Biden just needed two ‘photo-opportunities’?


Anyway, both the United States and Europe are left marginalized, useful only as a ‘money machine’ for belligerent nations and ‘proxy’ organizations doing NATO’s bidding. The ‘Fall from Grace’ of both economic powerhouses of yore in no time at all is mind boggling. The war in Ukraine, which left NATO breathless as they fought to keep up with demand for more ammo and equipment, ground to mush in Eastern Ukraine, together with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men the country relied on to build a future, has Israel worried. Most sources appear to agree that Israel will receive top-priority for it’s war with Hamas over Gaza, while Israel and the US are busy forming an ‘interim government’ after the victory they expect. They might ask Zelensky, since he will soon be out of a job if the flow of weapons and ammo to his present country stops. Or they could ask Juan Guaido, originally groomed to be our puppet in Venezuela. Navalny, who never scored more than two procent of the vote in national elections in Russia, is indisposed, as he is kept from being used as a martyr by nefarious secret services, or so a cynical person might conclude. But even war against Hamas in tiny Gaza may prove to be a deadly trap for Israel if they are unable to establish control in no time at all, and I cannot imagine that they would find a single person willing to form a government which is taking orders from Israel and the USA under the circumstances. That ship has left port a long time ago. And if Hezbollah in Lebanon will answer the current Israeli assaults on their positions with a serious offensive the moment Israel starts it’s own offensive against Hamas, all hell may break lose, and Israel may very well end up as a footnote in the history books. I don’t know about you, but I feel strongly that we can’t allow that to happen. At the same time, I’m afraid we do not possess the power to impress anyone at the moment, least of all those who feel strongly that Israel is a menace, or worse. And I’m not even talking about the racists who pledged to wipe every Jew from the face of the earth. 


Part of our problem, and it is a very *large* part to boot, is that we ‘befriended’ lots of people in that latter category, opening our borders far and wide, welcoming them with open arms, while applauding former Nazi’s and their ideological brethren in various countries as ‘freedom fighters’, and ‘proud nationalists’, even as they built statues for genocidal murderers from the previous World War. While branding people who questioned that policy as ‘Nazi’s’, ironically. I already posted a bunch of articles, in Dutch and English, about this strange phenomenon of (formerly) ‘Left Wing’, and ‘Moderate’ people advocating for various extremist organizations, and others asked whether it might be the dope they were taking. ‘What are you smoking? Who gave you those mushrooms?’ But there is no turning back, or we destroy the very fabric of both the US and Europe. We don’t do expulsion, or mass incarceration based on religious beliefs, or ideology. Because if we do, we become our own worst enemy. So we will have to deal with the situation we created. But how? 


The confusion is now so all encompassing, that our leaders, and the establishment media, tend to go after people who want to rescue what is left of our traditional liberal values on the internet and elsewhere, to save their orgy of lies which brought us here. Their web of broken promises, breached treaties, stolen goods and confiscated bank accounts, removing elected officials through scheming and the judiciary on shaky grounds, to say the least, ‘regime changing’ countries at will, formerly democratic or not. Are these people ‘High’, or are they ‘creepy crawlies’? What is up with these people? What event fried their brain? Can we even talk to them? What kind of ‘machine language’ do they operate on? 

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