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An essay on desperate measures

What are we thinking in the 'Collective West'? Ever since Russia started its 'Special Military Operation', the spokespeople of the 'Collective West' told us that Russia signed its own dead warrant. The 'Collective West' was united, and it would support Ukraine for 'As Long As It Took'. To do what? 


This latest from the ICC in The Hague, issuing an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin, and a member of his administration responsible for the protection of the children in the war-zone, is a 'Babylon-Bee'-move. They are joking, right? The two of them are accused of taking those children to somewhere safe while the Ukrainians are shelling the Donbas. For eight years since the coup in Kiev which brought a NATO-client regime to power in Ukraine, Ukrainian forces and Neonazi militia shelled the area of the 'breakaway' Republics of the Donbas, killing over 14.000 people, without the ICC waking up from its power-hungry stupor. 


The ICC has not been recognised by Russia, China, the US, or Israel, and multiple other countries in the world. It has been frequently accused of being a 'Kangaroo Court', an instrument to wield power, and destroy entire societies, instead of bringing peace and provide solutions for pressing problems. The US is on record as threatening Holland with war if any of its citizens ends up in the dock in The Hague, since 'Washington' would not hesitate to use force to liberate the defendant and prevent any kind of trial. 


No way the ICC ever came close to accusing the countries which invaded Iraq on false premises, nor did it lift a finger against countries involved in 'Extraordinary Rendition', and subsequent torture, or 'disappearing' people, permanently, or in Guantanamo, where they were kept without any kind of trial. 'Drone Killings'? Look the other way. But saving children from being ripped apart by projectiles fired at them by Ukraine and their 'Collective West' supporters, and we've go a 'War Crime' on our hands.


Remember that the 'Collective West', supported by the ICC wherever it could, 'did' Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and provoked this war in Ukraine. By bombing Libya the 'Collective West' destroyed the country, and tore down the barriers in order to kick off mass-migration from the African continent to Europe, providing a 'healthy' business to human traffickers and well subsidised 'NGO's', trucking those poor bastards into Europe, in order to reduce the living standards in those European countries, in preparation for Europe's new role as a 'Sweat Shop' for the 'Empire' being run out of Washington and 'Davos', after China, Russia and India would turn their backs on 'Davos' and the 'PetroDollar'. 


Sour Grapes that Putin and Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova actually saved thousands of children which would have done great on the cover of 'Time', dead. Did they think this over? The impression I've got is that there isn't much thinking done in the 'Collective West' these days. They went in with a plan, which was sure to result in 'Regime Change' in Russia, and when that failed on all counts, there was no 'Plan B'. They are improvising, and acting on impulse. They are scared to think, because every serious thought is telling them that they are on the back-foot, hurrying down the stairs without seeing where they are going, waving their sword at the world which is coming to terms with the fact that this 'Giant', that they'd always had been afraid of, just dug its own grave. A small dog probing its defences while in pursuit of the 'Giant', as it unsteadily descends the stairs, down into the abyss, eyes on the growing number of 'unfriendlies' coming after it, may become its undoing. 


My advise? Beg for mercy. Or turn around, and run towards a fiery end if the 'Collective West' can't bring itself to returning to the real world. But admitting it was all just one 'Giant' fuck-up, and that you are sorry, will go a long way to prevent disaster. Just wave at Xi Jinping, and he'll understand that you want a deal. Come on now, be brave for once in your pampered life, and act like an adult 'Giant' while growing a spine, and stop being a 'Blob'.

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