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An essay on being worried about the wrong virus

The rumour mill has it that Ukraine is preparing a storming operation of Bakhmut in order to regain access to their encircled military units inside the cauldron. Estimates of 55.000 Ukrainian military facing a Russian force similar in size, according to people who claim to know. Among the Ukrainian forces apparently fresh soldiers trained and equipped by NATO who are going to be battle-tested, while regular Russian units which were formed last year, after the mobilisation, will back up the 'Wagners'. 


Bad weather is said to have been the reason the Ukrainians are holding back, though other sources say they already had some success in the south, re-opening a pathway leading into, and out of the cauldron, but no firm confirmation yet. 


One cynical commentator, who expects a Russian victory, suggested that the Ukrainian generals opted for this battle, with large losses, to prevent the need for this long heralded 'Spring Offensive', since that would cost even far more lives. It is true that the Ukrainian leadership is starting to worry about the support of the people, with the fresh Security Adviser of Zelensky, Aleksey Danilov, saying so in a television program broadcasted in Lviv. Even in that 'die-hard' part of 'Bandera-country' people are losing faith. In the larger European countries the politicians are still on board, waving Ukrainian and Rainbow-NATO flags, and repeating ad nauseam 'For as Long as it Takes', but the well is dry, and the people are fed up. Bit by bit they start to understand the game being played. How exhausting the finances of the EU countries has to lead to a vast drop in living standards, so Europe can take over the role of 'cheap labor force' for the 'Empire' run out of 'Wallstreet' and the 'London City', since these sectors of the 'Financial Capitalist' vulture estranged itself from China, India and the 'Global South', while this failed 'Regime Change' operation in Russia is leaving Europe without energy.


The biggest news this week was that the Saudis and Iran agreed to restore diplomatic ties, brokered by China. The Middle East is kissing NATO-land, and the PetroDollar, goodbye. Xi Jinping secured a third term, and Putin is as popular as ever in his own country, while all the political leaders in the west are struggling. With a major banking crisis looming as the Silicon Valley Bank stumbled and fell, trains in the US derailing, and a wide range of stumbling blocks looming for leading politicians throughout the west, as the 'TwitterFiles' and 'Covid-Whatsapp'-scandal in the UK is exposing widespread 'mishandling' of about everything. After the 'RussiaGate' hoax fell flat on its face, the 'J6'-hoax is making things worse for the 'Warparty', with Trump trolling the establishment, but not exactly looking good to clean up the mess after his four years in office dragged in some of the most brutal neocons, instrumental in his downfall. 


Sooner or later even the most pro-NATO transgenders and dope-infested, well vaccinated crowd has to understand that something went terribly wrong. I'm flabbergasted daily by this crazy mix of politicians and 'influencers', having no basic understanding of military matters, begging us to commit suicide. We worried about the wrong virus altogether by the looks of it.

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