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An essay on a Freudian slip

Was it a Freudian slip of the tongue, when Boris Johnson praised Vladimir Putin for everything he'd done in Ukraine? Let's be honest, Johnson needed this war in Ukraine to distract from a long list of failed policies, starting from way before he took the helm in the UK, and slipped. And Britain, no longer Great, was not the only NATO country in need of war with Russia. Yet, again, he and the other 'leaders' miscalculated on an unimaginable scale, if victory over Russia was their aim, and not the destruction of our wealth in order to 'Build Back Better'. The jury is still out on that one.


When, by the end of March, it looked as if Zelensky was going to cut a deal with the Russians, he flew to Kiev to make Zelensky a classic 'offer he couldn't refuse' according to various commentators. The withdrawal of Russian forces from around Kiev was a gesture of good will, according to the Russians. Those troops had been there to make Zelensky come to the negotiating table, and he did, so they were no longer needed, and an obstacle to overcome resistance on the path to a negotiated solution was removed. It was no heroic Ukrainian victory, but after Boris told him peace with the Russians was not acceptable to NATO, Zelensky turned around and sold his people down the line. So here we are, five months later. The Russians just told NATO, and Zelensky, that they no longer have a say in the matter. I'm convinced that the collective west, flying the banner of NATO, seriously thought that their strategy for this conflict would be fail safe. That the Russians would be stupid enough to take all of Ukraine, and install a puppet in Kiev, like NATO did in 2014, losing a large chunk of the country to the Russians already. And that the sanctions would do the rest. 


After predicting that Ukraine would hold out for no more than a week before Russia would have installed a replacement for Zelensky on the throne in Kiev, which didn't happen, because the Russians were smart enough to refrain from repeating the mistakes of Afghanistan, NATO-embedded commentators kept predicting that Russia would run out of shells and missiles soon, and that economic collapse of Russia was around the corner. Instead, the Russians appear to have an endless supply of artillery shells and precision missiles, and it will be our economic collapse, not theirs. We are also running out of everything, with depleted stocks for ammunition, and our own inventory of tanks and artillery ravaged by leaders eager to give Ukraine everything it wants, save for peace, or a chance to rebuild. I want you to understand that I'm not disloyal to 'European Values', but our leaders clearly are. And somehow we are captured in the headlights of this fast approaching disaster, with no other choice but to wait for the end. How on earth did we allow ourselves to be carried away like that? 


Right after the 2014 coup, there was a fake referendum in Holland, asking the people whether or not they approved with an 'Association Accord' with Ukraine. The people said they didn't want it, so the government signed it anyway, and said they were serving 'European Values'. No they weren't. They were stepping on them, and telling the people that they didn't matter, because unelected officials in 'Brussels' were calling the shots now. It wasn't the only result of a referendum they ignored, and today we no longer have referenda. Only professional 'pollsters' embedded with NATO and the EU which tell us what we (have to) think. We don't, but it doesn't matter. 


Ukraine did its utmost to shell civilian targets all over the occupied territories to terrorise the people, apparently hoping they would stay away from the voting boots where they can list their vote for, or against becoming part of Russia. But on the first day of the voting itself, the shelling stopped, and the Ukrainian military offensive itself appears to have stalled. Though we'll have to wait and see if that is the case, and whether or not Russia will freeze its operations as well now that the rains are making it more difficult to move around with tanks and heavy equipment. Ukraine also introduced a law that anyone who is seen voting will be penalised by five years in prison, irrespective of whether you voted for, or against joining the Russian Federation. So these are the 'European Values' now? What has become of us? Clearly NATO and 'Kiev' know full well that a (vast) majority of the people themselves will opt to become part of Russia, which already started rebuilding in areas hit by the war, and will continu to do so, with an abundance of every raw material, cheap fuel, know-how needed to do the job, supported by a soaring Ruble, while Europe is struggling to stay afloat, and failing at every turn. 


The illusion of continued prosperity by creating truckloads of 'Bull-Shit'-jobs, greased by government handouts, is not going to last. The 'full-time employment' will stay, but it will be debt-fuelled slavery, in exchange for 'Credits' issued by 'Brussels' to the meek and the spineless herd as long as they show up at the 'Two Minutes of Hate'-events denouncing Putin and Xi. And while Johnson had his 'Freudian moment', even mainstream papers are now posting clips of Biden losing his way on a podium, stumbling towards the inevitable end of his illustrious career, as the United States is coming apart at the seams as well.

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