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An essay about Zelensky's play

According to a ‘Reliable News Source’, the Zelensky Official Telegram Channel, the Ukrainian president ordered the military to advance five hundred meters each day from now on. While they are retreating according to sources which didn’t disappoint in the past. Despite the outfit, Zelensky is not a military man, but an actor. It is not entirely clear who is writing his script these days, and how much of what he says is somewhat honest. Personally I haven’t been paying too much attention to what he says, since it has been highly predictable from the moment Ukraine capitulated to the demands of Boris Johnson, ordering Ukraine to stay in the fight. 


There have been plenty of moments where Zelensky appeared to be unaware of what others were doing behind his back. Nor what the background was of the people he was applauding, side by side with Trudeau, or others supporting the war. Or rather, ‘Leading from Behind’, because it is unlikely that he has anything to say about strategic decisions, while the money he is spending is not the money made by Ukraine, but by tax-payers in NATO-countries. What he can spend it on, is not for him to decide. And with the war going badly, he is sure to be thrown under the bus by his ‘trusted friends’. He is, and always was, their ‘Fall Guy’. Not their friend, because the people he is dealing with have no friends or loved ones. Only enemies, and people they can use. 


It is my understanding, and I wrote about that before, that NATO expected Russia to take all of Ukraine, and do so in no time at all. They planned for that to happen, creating fortifications and training ‘Stay Behind’ special forces in advance over the course of eight years in preparation, to bleed Russia white after that, identical to the strategy used in Afghanistan which finished the Soviet Union, but the ‘forgot’ to tell Zelensky. The result was almost comical, if it hadn’t been this deadly, but while NATO was planning for a government in exile, headed by Zelensky, leaving Ukraine itself to become a huge trap for the Russian military, with ‘Sanctions from Hell’ to support the effort, Zelensky wouldn’t budge, opting to be the heroic leader of his people by staying in Kiev. That was where the Russians needed him, because they wanted to pressure him into returning to the ‘Minsk Accord’ to avoid a *real* war. At that moment Zelensky must have understood that he was dealing with scheming bastards, not friends, and he found himself at a crossroad. Accepting the deal to return to the ‘Minsk Accord’ would save his country from war, but it would be a hard sell with quite a few Ukrainians, and those scheming bastards, prone to create another ‘Maidan’. However, the display of force by the Russians, as well as pointing to those NATO ‘friends’ urging him to leave his country to set up shop elsewhere, was a reality check that could be exploited to make the case for opting for the wiser decision. 


NATO needed him to stay on their side, to create this *cheap* solution to fight Russia, as Lindsey Graham, and a score of other neocons were not shy to bring up as their goal, after Zelensky committed himself. He broke as his ‘friends’ assured him that they would support Ukraine until victory was reached, no doubt promising him a chance to enlarge Ukraine into a defeated Russia, beyond adding the entire Donbas and Crimea, to create a ‘security zone’, and cripple Russia, which would be cut to pieces after Putin was defeated. They pointed out that Russia stopping short of taking Kiev and other major cities, merely ‘posing’ with columns of military vehicles sitting idle on deserted roads out in the countryside, was proof that the Russians were not as strong as Zelensky feared. And the ‘Sanctions from Hell’ were certain to bring down the Russian economy, while blowing up the Northstream pipeline was still in the works. It was a mistake of epic proportions, but the moment he left the ‘Istanbul Accords’, which were designed to pave the way for a normalization and return to ‘Minsk’, there was no turning back. 


What I do not know, assuming this description of events above is accurate, is whether the NATO ‘friends’ knew that Russia was as well prepared as it has shown to be, and that NATO stood no chance to prevent the total destruction of Ukraine, and most of its people of ‘fighting age’, while Ukraine would be left ‘landlocked’ in the end, and a slave of its ‘friends’ for centuries to come, or that they not only budged their strategy, but didn’t have a clue either that the Russian military were no match for NATO’s proxy forces, or even NATO in its entirety if it comes to that. 


Meanwhile, Zelensky is being prepared to be lynched, as his ‘friends’ spread information that makes him look bad. He didn’t follow the advice of NATO generals about the conduct of the war, where they warned him to retreat from Bakhmut, and focus on the ‘Spring Offensive’, designed to crush Russian defenses with a ‘Blitzkrieg’, so as to reach Crimea, the prized Trophy for his NATO masters, because of the naval port of Sevastopol, and the PR-value in their propaganda war with the Kremlin. And though I’m holding on to the theory presented by Seymour Hersh about the Americans blowing up Northstream, Zelensky’s ‘friends’ are trying to frame him. Now they are letting it slip that missiles causing serious carnage and killing plenty were ‘actually’ Ukrainian missiles in some high profile cases. And the Washington Post has this article about a large terror campaign where the ‘SBU’ killed scores of individuals and targeted civilian buildings in Moscow and elsewhere. Soon there will be revelations about his dealings with ‘FTX’, to offload suspicions which point towards the ‘Democratic’ party in the United States being corrupt to the core. Huge corruption, which saw weapons delivered by NATO end up in Gaza, reportedly, could very well not be related to any Ukrainian suspect, but will be blamed on Zelensky as well, no doubt. 


NATO doesn’t have to make a choice between Ukraine and Israel, because they never supported Ukraine anyway. The country was ‘bait’ in a war with Russia. A tool. Expendable. While Israel is ‘make or break’ with regard to the all important Middle East. Controlling the oil and natural gas is what NATO is about, and Ukraine is not a serious producer, but a ‘middle man’ in its heyday, with pipelines running from Russia to Europe, now defunct anyway. Zelensky is widely understood to be scared of what comes next, when NATO pulls the plug, moving on to the next theatre of war in the Middle East. If his men are able to claw their way back into the limelight, he might get another lease on life. If not, he is likely to be terminated. If not literally, he will most likely end up in one of his mansions outside Ukraine, if reports about his wealth are correct, serving tea to future visitors who want to know what happened from the horses mouth. Thus his demand to give him five hundred meters per day. 


As with all readings regarding the background, the above is based on observations, but obviously speculative, though not conflicting with what we’ve seen. I’d say it is a tight fit. Whereas the bulk of the stories produced by pro-NATO analysts need to leave lots of information out, or find some other explanation, which is usually conflicting with parts of the stories they promote. We’ll have to wait and see what is in store for Zelensky personally, but if I were him, I would be looking for the emergency exit. 

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