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An essay about things going wrong

While I was away, enjoying a week in Scandinavia with pretty decent weather, forces armed exclusively by NATO kept trying to reach the 'Surovikin-Line', with little or no gain, and huge losses. The 'Retired NATO Generals' plugging this war on behalf of 'Vested Interests' in various 'Talk Shows', 'News Shows' and interviews, insist that a Russian defeat is just around the corner. Russian morale is collapsing, they are out of everything, relying on pitchforks, and the Russian economy is in tatters. Except, it is not true. They've been repeating these lines for well over a year now, and refuse to come to terms with reality. Why? 


Hard to tell. Each carefully selected individual groomed to represent NATO may have his or her own reasons. Some may be 'Living the Dream', completely blindsided and unable to accept reality, through years of careful programming (brainwashing), perfected by 'Services' which experimented with creating true killers, as described in Tom O'Neill's book 'Chaos', about the remorseless killers created by Charles Manson, in paralel, or in cooperation with government appointed 'scientists', as revealed by O'Neill's research. Others may do the bidding of the weapons producers through various 'Think Tanks' for cynical personal gain. And then there are those who feel strongly that they have to 'close ranks' and follow the leader, no questions asked. Or they are in the business of impressing their wives and children as 'Well Known Expert', tempted to sound important, even if they have no clue. 


The motivation doesn't really matter all that much. It doesn't change anything in the real world. And since they are in this 'together' with likeminded souls, they are not at risk personally if it blows up in their face, like all those previous wars. Not yet. But with Zelensky suggesting that his fellow countrymen living in Europe and elsewhere could resort to terrorism if we fail to keep the fire burning, that may change sooner than many of them assume. Even more so since Jens Stoltenberg came clean about what caused this war. NATO's refusal to reconsider NATO-expansion. When Putin pointed out that NATO-expansion was going to bring war, from 2007 onward, that was simply 'Russian propaganda'. But with Merkel and Hollande admitting the entire 'Minsk Agreement' was a scam, a move to gain valuable time so as to prepare Ukraine for war with Russia after the 2014 coup in the country, and Stoltenberg confirming that expanding NATO was 'non-negotiable', war or no war, as if that wasn't clear yet after this 2014 coup to bring Ukraine into the void, we'd better cut to the chase, and call a Pig by his or her name. We're living in an 'Animal Farm' environment, and it is going to harm us. Badly!


Note that I do acknowledge that I have no way to confirm for a fact that Russian morale is not collapsing, but it is NATO which is struggling to keep up with demand, and Kim didn't visit Moscow to buy some real estate. Moscow has 'Friends in High Places' leading countries which produce serious stuff. Not movies, 'song and dance', games, and BS about gendertransitions as an export product. And though the Ruble is having a hard time to stay afloat when compared to the Dollar and the Euro, that doesn't mean anything, since no party in the US or Europe is allowed to buy anything in Russia anyway. So the 'exchange rate' is meaningless. And by all accounts the Russian economy is booming. Since they are hardly dependent on imports for their basic needs, while they are rapidly converting abandonned American and European businesses to produce Chinese, or locally produced goods and services, while we are choking without Russian gas and oil, pushing inflation and interest rates, which is threatening businesses without access to government subsidies, as tax revenues are sinking. We actually should start thinking about holding a few warmongers to account. 


To prevent any misunderstanding about what 'holding to account' might be, I would like to point to my list of excuses above. You don't want to prosecute dumb asses, amoral shills and windbags, because of the consequences for the 'standing' of our own countries among it's peers in the world. I don't want to alarm anyone, but if we elect these people to represent us ourselves, we really need to take a good hard look in the nearest mirror. Apparently we're not very smart either, as a collective. Something went horribly wrong. 

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