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An essay about the immediate threats

Even if you tell people like our 'seniors' Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell the 'cold hard facts' about the war in Ukraine, they wouldn't be able to comprehend what it might possibly mean. These people were, somehow, elected, or so they say. By whom? What did the people who voted for them expect? What kind of cruel joke is this? 


Friend and foe of these two gentlemen, representing the Democrats and the Republicans, but both very much avid supporters of the 'Warparty', placed above the Democrat and Republican factions, are now suggesting that we have no reason to worry at all, because the *real* power resides elsewhere. An informal cabal of powerful 'Neocons' is actually running the show, so don't you worry! Victoria Nuland and her crew are taking good care of you!


Tucker Carlson gave this interview to Adam Carolla that has lots of people talking. In it Carlson predicted that if the legal onslaught to remove Trump from the scene failed, they would be forced to kill him, and/or go to war with Russia openly so as to invoke 'War Powers'. It is my understanding that an increasing number of Americans who actively supported the proxy-war of NATO on the territory of Ukraine are now waking up to what this is all about, and always has been, and that they themselves, and their kids might be 'drafted' for the 'Meat Grinder' too. While hating to admit it, since they would love to see Putin go down, for whatever reason. 


The flip-side is that Trump may still go to war with China if he emerges victorious. While many seem to think that Europe is in better shape, with multiple parties vying for the honour to lead the country, a call to make peace and return to diplomacy instead of war is not yet emerging as a rallying cry among the people, who are preoccupied by the rapidly failing economy, or strategies to continue the destruction so as to emerge on the 'Other Side' with a shining new 'Everything Electric', updated version of George Orwell's '1984/Animal Farm' society. Carlson cleverly remarked that those pulling the strings are not interested in the people either way, and they will allow us to fight amongst ourselves, while they fight for power. 


The actual situation in Ukraine along the front-line, and what is happening with all those drone strikes on Russian targets far removed from the front, credited to Ukraine, is not clear at all. Forbes, The Telegraph, the BBC and media in Holland all parroted a story which claims Ukraine broke through the Surovikin line. As proof they presented a clip of some infantry without supporting armour running for cover, just before they got hit and perished. I'm not claiming that Russia has nothing to worry about if some Ukrainian 'Special Forces' manage to get through, but even if this video was authentic, and geolocated to a position behind a couple of trenches, clearly that is not enough to say the Surovikin line has been breached. Less so if those soldiers didn't survive their little trip behind enemy lines.


The 'Warparty' is desperate for positive developments, but there are none. Dima at the 'Military Summary Channel' is saying that the Russians inflicted 'Insane' losses on the Ukrainians and in reality they are extremely vulnerable on the flanks of their most successful area of battle, where they announced taking the hammock (less than five hundred inhabitants before the war, now totally deserted) of Robotyne previously. Yet, they haven't been able to secure the place, and the Russians 'grind' away at their leisure, with NATO struggling to find ammo for the troops. Both the EU and the US as preparing 'Slush Funds' for Ukraine to be used to pay the weapons manufacturers, who in turn will pay the politicians through donations, and the tax-payers are to fill those 'Slush Funds' for years to come. Unless an all out war with Russia does emerge.


The US is bringing more nuclear warheads and F-35's to the UK, while Russia is fielding it's most capable ICBM's in preparation. The drone attack on this military airfield near Estland did not do as much damage as previously claimed, apparently. On 'Turcopolier' they launched a debate based on some observation of a guy who claims that Belarus allowed those drones to overfly the country, and that they 'forgot' to warn the Russians. If true that would be a bad omen for all parties in this conflict, I'd say. But I doubt that is the correct presentation of what actually happened. You could argue that Lukashenko and Progozhin/Wagner saved the day for Putin when Prigozhin marched towards Moscow, and that Lukashenko blames Russia for the death of the command structure of that PMC, now active in Belarus. Yet I think this is some kind of complicated narrative concocted by NATO-spin doctors, and not anywhere near the truth. But who knows? 


The Russians are likely to know what happened, but they are not forthcoming with accusations. However, the formal strategy of Ukraine now, as expressed by Kirill Budanov, the 'Spy Master' of the country, that attacks on Russia itself should be intensified, reflect the original NATO-strategy as I've outlined it before. That strategy hinged on giving up Ukraine in a matter of days, so as to be able to launch a terror-campaign in the occupied country, using 'Stay Behind' military prepared for that task, exhausting the Russians. However, since the Russians refused to take all of Ukraine, they redesigned that strategy to bring the 'terror campaign' to Russia itself. Not as easy as the original strategy, and if Ukraine/NATO are now investing all their remaining resources in kicking off a terror campaign, because the war itself is lost, this could lead to a direct confrontation with NATO in several ways. But the moment Russia discovers that territory of NATO-countries is used for 'hit-and-run' operations, they cannot ignore it. 

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