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An essay about situational awareness

Just look at this mess we’re in today. People who studied ‘Effective Leadership’ identified the importance of a mental condition they labeled ‘Situational Awareness’. People who didn’t go to school would call it ‘Streetsmart’, without studying anything. Moreover, people with little or no eduction understand that they need ‘Situational Awareness’ just to survive, and not merely to become a ‘Leader’. But ‘pampered’ folk growing up in their ‘Safe Space’, protected by their well to do kin, and/or the government providing subsidies and fat contracts at every stage of their rather uninspiring lives can blunder along without too much risk to themselves, although they may do plenty of harm to others. 


Relying on my ‘Situational Awareness’, I decided that it had to be the US and UK who blew up the Northstream pipelines, and I get plenty of confirmation from the people I meet, and who I turn to for information on the internet, that people like me are actually the vast majority. Which includes people who support their American and British leaders in this war with Russia. They argue that it was foolish of Europe to rely on affordable Russian gas, and blowing up Northstream serves these spoilt Europeans right. Mind you, there are European elites among them. This power-hungry crowd, the regular guests in ‘Talk-Shows’, are supplemented by the ‘Greenhouse Grown’ environmentalists coming of age without the need to prove themselves, eager to serve ‘The Climate’ with religious fervor. Both groups are armed and dangerous, and they have no intention whatsoever to listen to arguments opposing their point of view, like the ones provided on this blog, which claim that sovereign nations are supposed to be sovereign, and that democracy is meant to serve a ‘Free Market’, while taking care of the basic provisions supporting a community, and staying away of this temptation to be everything for everyone. 


Apparently the Brits and Americans, taking the Europeans to the cleaners, fail to grasp the ‘Situation’ they are in. For about fifty years they led a triumphant ‘West’, not through offering inspiration to improve and strengthen democracy and the infrastructure supporting a ‘Free Market’ and the growth of wealth for their respective nations, but by relying on the military to expand their grip on the world for banks and related ‘Financial Institutions’, using the ‘PetroDollar’ and its sister fiat-currency, the Euro, to pave the way. 


Clearly, blaming the Brits and the Americans ‘after the fact’ for destroying Europe’s lifeline to wealth-creation is not going to bring back Northstream. Moreover, it is not the British or American people which are to blame. Although, yes, they allowed demented and sociopathic politicians to control their countries, but if anything, the Europeans cheered them along. A broadcaster in Holland dedicated all its available time to bring the Dutch people the latest ‘News’ on the ‘Mid-Terms’, this choice between two flavors of the same ‘Warparty’. Talk about a lack of ‘Situational Awareness’! It has become a ‘Mental Condition’ which is rapidly spreading, like a virus, increasing the chances it will all end in tears. On my Dutch blog I’ve highlighted the growth of ‘BullShit’-jobs for years, and why that is a threat to ‘Wealth Creation’ at a national level. Today, everybody in Holland is talking about a lack of workers to fill the jobs which are available, and that those with jobs suffer ‘Burnouts’ at a massive scale. Yet none of these paid clowns submerged in doing ‘research’ and ‘discussing’ the problems arising right in front of their very eyes understand that they ARE the problem, and not the solution. 


Somehow we’ve lost our bearings, overdrawing on our accounts, and getting away with it for far too long. A wide range of spectacular fraude and moral corruption, coupled to hubris in the military arena, eroded every last bit of credit and standing we had in the world. Yes, we can steal all the money the Russians or the Iranians parked in the ‘West’, and the Gold Venezuela saved for a rainy day, thinking it would be safe in a vault in London. We can blow up Northstream. Succumb to the urge to isolate countries through piracy and terror-attacks. We can buy weapons and mercenaries to fight the Russians in Ukraine. We can rupture trade with China in a tantrum. And we can pick people who can’t find their way around on a podium, and think they are in ‘Columbia’ when they are in ‘Cambodia’ to represent us. We can destroy the reach of laws by making them impossible to understand, or add other laws with an entirely different meaning. We can sign treaties and never honor our signature, and promise something while doing the exact opposite. But at some point the whole shit-house will collapse, and that moment is now. 


Reasonable people within our own communities will no longer pay any attention to all the flippant nonsense swirling around, and countries outside our ‘sphere of influence’ will try to save themselves from being hit by the debris. It is a sad story, really. We had so much potential. And we still do, but since we opted to elevate people without ‘Situational Awareness’ to become our leaders, because they deserve a ‘chance’, just like everybody else, just wait in line for your turn to rule over others, we’re toast. We’re going to Hell in a handbasket. I cannot explain why this is the case to someone who doesn’t understand the concept of ‘Freedom’ and ‘Equality’, as a way to describe how we ought to be ‘Equal for the Law’, so as to allow ‘Market Forces’ to pick winners and losers based on quality and capability, while securing ‘Freedom from Abuse’ of the individual by people who come out on top. 


I was watching a news-item on Dutch television, showing Ukrainians who were returning to Ukraine from Poland. One middle-aged woman was going back to bury her husband, other women were going back with battery-packs and gas-stoves to help family members in need in a country which has been thrown under the bus of our ambitions, and the men stayed behind to avoid being sent to their death on the frontlines, fighting side-by-side with NATO-supplied mercenaries for territorial gains which only serve the Empire being run out of ‘Davos’. An Empire run like an ‘Outplacement Bureau’ trumping the sovereign states we grew up in. And I’m watching these images of this young CEO of the ‘FTX-sham’ at yet another ‘WEF’-meeting, dressed in Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt, coding his ‘LifeStyle’ as the ultimate in ‘Identity Politics’, talking with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, knowing how this boy, based in the Bahamas, thought he was helping the ‘Democrats’, ‘The Climate’ and ‘Ukraine’, and I understand why that generation is such an easy target for people with evil intentions, and why they won’t listen to sound advise, or engage in debate while postponing make-or-break decisions until they understand the ‘Situation’. And why the people who set him up, with his youthful crew, to take the fall, don’t want him to understand the ‘Situation’. Not now, and not in the courthouse.

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