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An essay about setting people free

A missile struck Poland, and killed two people and destroyed farming equipment they were operating. Though it is most likely a Ukrainian air-defense missile which strayed off course, as has happened on multiple occasions previously, destroying entire apartment buildings in Ukraine itself, or setting fire to civilian objects not targeted, NATO and an improvised ‘G-7 meeting’ in Bali were saber rattling. The general mood was that no harm was done if it was indeed a Ukrainian missile, but if it would have been Russian, we were now on the verge of World War Three. This is nuts. 


Scores of Polish soldiers, speaking Polish as they maneuver while fighting the Russians from Ukraine, did not go unnoticed across the border into Ukraine, and ‘transferring’ the obligation to pay them for their services to some shady ‘Private Military Organization’ in order to suggest that they are, ‘Honest to God’, not NATO-soldiers engaged in this war, while these PMO’s are payed from money transferred to Ukraine by NATO-countries, is typical for the way western countries operate these days. ‘Plausibel Deniability’ as a trademark quality of what is left of our moral standard. Reminds me of this ‘Epstein Affair’, where he got this ‘Sweetheart Deal’ at first, because the District Attorney was told he couldn’t be prosecuted, since he was ‘Intelligence’. But when the shit finally hit the fan, and the whole shady operation came tumbling down, nobody remembered who said what, and when, and Epstein and his ‘Madam’ were cut loose from the huge criminal Empire they were part of. With the media protecting ‘High Flyers’ who were part of his ‘circle’, and focussing on the angle of sexual abuse and the odd Royal involved. On my Dutch blog I just published an article to draw attention to an episode of the ‘Corbett Report’, which has a ‘Must See’ interview with Whitney Webb, author of ‘A Nation Under Blackmail’, who exposed the bigger picture. 


The reason we are struggling in our part of the world, is because we lost our bearings. We no longer have a clear definition of ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’. Increasingly we accept that something is ‘Good’ if it can been explained to us as advancing our ‘Cause’. Even if it is crystal clear that it doesn’t. Like misdirected, failing economic war, blowing up pipelines, and various ‘False Flag’ operations, or locking up journalists to protect the people who committed war crimes, as they scramble to cut themselves loose from their overall responsibility and lack of oversight by sending some ‘private’ to jail, and striking ‘deals’ with people who may be used to provide ‘incriminating evidence’ against said journalists. We’re in deep, deep shit, and producing more of it with every new day. 


The biggest problem of this ‘architecture’ of our ‘Rules Based’ society, is that is not capable of producing anything useful, only more ‘BullShit’ and one-way tickets to nowhere. Now, consider, that if this was indeed a Ukrainian air-defense missile straying off course, the Ukrainians would know. They could have informed their Polish ‘friends’ almost in real time, precluding the need for any investigation. If they did, ‘someone’ apparently felt that keeping the suggestion alive that it could have been a Russian missile was a ‘Good’ idea. If the Ukrainians kept their involvement under wraps however, which looks more likely, they did so in the hope that the Russians would be implicated, and World War Three would go ‘Live’. Which opens up a third possibility, that it was not a missile which strayed off course, but that it was intended to hit Polish soil in the first place, as a ‘False Flag’, in order to provoke World War Three. Do you want 'friends' like that? I don't. 


I’m saying this against the backdrop of what happened to flight MH-17, which came down over Ukraine, with the collective ‘west’ implicating Russia almost before the last piece of paper from the aircraft reached the ground, while Russia was not a formal party in the war, but something more akin to what Poland is doing today, offering ‘stuff’ and allowing soldiers to convert to volunteers in order to defend the people in the Donbas against Porochenko’s tanks and bombers. While Russia itself suggested it was Ukraine, operating a score of Buk-missile systems in the area, which shot down this passenger aircraft. John Kerry came out swinging, saying American surveillance aircraft and satellites pinpointed the unit which fired the missile, and that he had the satellite images to prove it. And then he went silent. 


We do not live in a perfect world, but we are vulnerable when those we trust to protect us are playing games at our expense. When in war, parties will try to deceive the enemy, and by extension they may end up deceiving their own people. If the need arrises to deceive your own people, even though the enemy will not be fooled, you are holding a losing hand, no longer capable of acting from a position of strength. My own skepticism with regard to this MH-17 disaster has been kept alive by this revelation in Holland, that the foreign ministry, at the time led by Frans Timmermans, since rewarded with a position as ‘second in command’ at the EU-commission, received information about air defense systems capable of shooting down aircraft at high altitude, with high flying military aircraft already shot down, but failing to act on it through issuing a warning to civil aircraft so as to avoid Ukrainian airspace. While multiple other NATO-countries informed their airlines to do exactly that. Even if this was an honest mistake, some sort of oversight or messages lost in translation, it should have precluded elevating this career-politician, mesmerized by American power to the point of devotion, to a post in the top of the EU-leadership, and it should have been addressed in the investigation, which was a long shot from transparant as promised initially. 


Having suspicions based on observations is the starting point for having a clear shot at revealing the truth, eventually. And only the truth will set us free.

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