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An essay about doing your duty as a leader through following orders

The Dutch caretaker prime minister Mark Rutte, already voted out of office, with elections in November, promised Zelensky F-16’s by the end of the year. Holland has forty-two redundant F-16’s, originally sold to the country to help NATO stop Soviet tanks and armor invading Europe through the ‘Fulda Gap’, with the first one arriving in 1979, when your grandfather was still young. Apparently only twenty-four are still somewhat operational, with the rest of them used for spare parts. That whole idea of using an F-16 for that purpose was ludicrous, as this fighter jet, with it’s single engine and low mounted air intake, was not really suitable for Close Air Support anyway, but better options were never truly considered. Formally the choice was between the twin engine F-18, the Saab Grippen, the VTOL Harrier, the Mirage F-1, and the F-16, all of them tendered as a replacement for the F-104 'Starfighter', with ‘CAS’ as its main role, for which the F-104 was as ridiculous as the F-16. But the negotiations centered on ‘compensation’ and participation of Dutch aircraft builder Fokker, since everybody already knew that there wouldn’t be any Soviet invasion anyway. We needed ‘Toys for the Boys’, support for our failing aircraft industry, and ‘doing our part’ at the level of spending money as a ‘NATO-member’. 


Dumping those obsolete aircraft in the ‘grinder’ may not come to pass if the elections in November cause a major earthquake in the country, as widely expected. I do not claim to know how the main candidates of the parties which are set to win the upcoming elections, if the polls are correct, will vote on this matter. Token support for Ukraine in this proxy-war is likely to be the norm among the parties, to avoid attracting attention from the ‘Regime Change’ specialists in NATO, but after the elections it may be a different ballgame. There is no need to lie to the people, since being passionate about these poor Ukrainians is best expressed by saving the ones who are left from this ordeal of being thrown into the ‘Meat Grinder’. But showing NATO your hand at this stage may ruin the game. These people stop at nothing. And there is no need to confront the NATO, EU and WEF-fanclub openly. No need to say that Putin is ‘spot on’ with his analysis of the situation which led to this horrible war, and that we need to thank him for exposing these liars and thieves running our countries into the ground. No need to say you want to be friends with Russia and China. You simply need to state that you will do whatever is best for the Dutch people. And dumping billions in yet another lost case obviously isn’t. 


No matter which party, or coalition of parties will rule over Holland next year, there will be no ‘Going Alone’ attitude emerging. But if someone like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., or any of the other candidates for the presidency in the US who promise to end the war in Ukraine, are looking good in the polls, it will kill the eagerness of the Netherlands to be seen in the lead. Kennedy called Rutte’s announcement a ‘great decision for the defense industry, but a disaster for Ukraine and humanity’. Rutte couldn’t care less. To his defense he will claim that he was simply following orders, after Biden gave the green light. It was simply not his position to second-guess the wisdom of ‘Big Brother’. But the mood in Holland is shifting away from ‘pumping iron’, towards using our brain for a change. 


Rutte, nor any other leader in Europe appears to be aware of developments in Ukraine. In THIS video Brian Berletic is revealing the ugly truth once more, using nothing but Western and pro-Ukrainian sources. I’m done trying to find out the ‘thinking’ of our leaders. The video I linked to above referring you to a Sky-presentation of Biden’s ‘mental state’ should be sufficient. His underlings in other countries taking his word as the Gospel should be enough to convince you that we are not in good shape. And that is expressing it mildly! This whole ‘Befehl ist Befehl!’-thing never struck me as a sound defense, but this is madness. The only, somewhat ‘logical’ explanation is deliberate suicide of the entire NATO-sphere. But why? What is in it for them? Many professional bloggers and vloggers would invite their readers to tell them what to make of it ‘in the comments below’. I won’t. Whatever the explanation or excuse might be you can think of, I will keep wondering why we allowed these ‘leaders’ to come to power, and do this to us. I know, the others were just as bad, or worse. So, at what moment in time did we lose interest in politics, thinking it was merely some puppet from a ‘B-movie’ who had no other duty than to entertain us? You’ll figure it out…….

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