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An essay about cutting the crap

Cut the crap. Recently the 'Southfront'-website was made inaccessible by American and European 'Law Enforcement' according to claims in a 'YouTube' video I came across. The reason, apparently, is 'spreading misinformation'. The claim that 'Law Enforcement' was behind it might be true, or not at all, and I have no way of verifying the graphic evidence produced on that website, next to written updates and reports from Russian sources, and pro-Russian commentators. I did check out the website occasionally, but not primarily for the 'War Porn' of clips showing the carnage brought about by this war between NATO and Russia raging in Ukraine, Syria and parts of Africa, several 'rated' eighteen and older because of the horror in it. But some valuable background information and analysis from the Russian perspective posted to that particular website did offer a glimpse into what 'the other side' was hearing and seeing, which allowed me to compare 'notes'. 


Contrary to what you might think, if you never visited the website, reports on that websites did include video-evidence and stories about successful Ukrainian attacks, but obviously without the comments of pro-Ukrainian cheerleaders. Whereas you are unlikely to find such content portraying successful Russian attacks on military targets in our mainstream media, since 'our side' is transfixed by the need to portray every Russian attack as an attack on civilians. Actions like this, censoring websites, where the 'YouTube' channel of Scott Ritter, the former US Marine and weapons inspector, got 'wiped' as well, reveals the true nature of this conflict. This never was a local conflict between two neighbouring states over some real-estate in Eastern Europe, in which the 'Collective West' opted to support one party. The 'Collective West' was in the drivers-seat from the 'Get-Go', the 2014 coup, and Ukraine had no say in the matter after that. Not really.


Previously the 'Collective West' relied on the 'Platforms' it controls to support the crap it wants the public to absorb, while suppressing messages and websites providing a favourable view of Russia. Switching to actively censoring entire websites, if that is what we are witnessing, does support the claim that the war is going badly. It won't change a thing on the battleground, but ignorant people are needed to avoid an uproar and a call to 'get real' prematurely. What does 'prematurely' mean? Those who are responsible need time and resources to lay the blame for this fiasco on the doorstep of someone else. 'It was all Trump's fault!' Or, alternatively, 'The Europeans are to blame!', or 'Those stubborn Ukrainians wouldn't listen to our sound advise!', or take your pick. Managing perceptions. 


Far removed from Ukraine, and Russia, the countries being hit, I have no way of knowing for sure how the NATO-proxy-forces are doing. But even the openly pro-NATO sources, which are claiming victory, as 'our side' is killing more Russians and destroying more Russian equipment with every passing day, while the Ukrainian losses are modest in comparison, are not reporting major breakthroughs anywhere. It may be true that the Ukrainian forces finally reached the 'Surovikin Line' with light infantry in some odd spots, but even that is questionable. And soon the rains will arrive, and artillery, helicopter gunships and fighter-bombers will have a field day going on a 'turkey shoot' against military units out on the open steppes, surrounded by mine-fields.


Russia is not running out of anything, and it does seem extremely unlikely that the attacking force, struggling to make ends meet, since NATO is unable to deliver the equipment and ammunition needed due to limited production capability, is really doing quite well. Moreover, too many 'gadgets' in the inventory are performing poorly on the battlefield, too complicated, requiring too much training with no time to make it happen, and which are only suitable to impress procurement-parties of rich countries in a sterile environment of the 'testing grounds', but which are useless otherwise. Both the US and EU are saying they are busy preparing multi-year plans to support their war with Russia on Ukrainian soil, which says it all. 


Unexpected things may happen. Trump, or Kennedy, or some other candidate with a more realistic point of view may take the presidency, and kill this 'Devil's errand' in a day by pulling out, causing the immediate collapse of Ukraine. I insist that it is unlikely that Russia will take advantage by occupying all of Ukraine if that happens, but imagine the hangover of the people in what will be left of Ukraine! Even without a serious shift in political power in the US, the EU and/or NATO may implode, due to mounting economic hardship, and countries critical of this latest war opting out. Either after new elections, or because those in power in those countries are starting to realise that they are holding a losing hand in a poker game, while the party which is holding a Royal Flush is looking right through them. Hungary and Turkey stand to lose way too much if this stupid war is stretched to last for years and years. But it has to dawn on Macron as well that France has nothing to gain from stepping up to the plate as Ukraine's saviour. It won't sell more weapons, lose a lucrative market for all it's luxury goods and 'places in the sun' for fortunate Russians, while it is getting kicked out of Africa, the source for it's uranium and other 'essentials'. In fact, show me a single European country which stands to gain from many more years of war with Russia, and I'll show you my pink dinosaur. Even Poland, or the Baltic states and Finland, which may entertain dreams of 'growing' into a defunct Ukraine, absorbing the land to recreate this mystical medieval land of 'Kievan Rus', must realise by now that they are fooling themselves. 

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